Rhea County Business Environment

Rhea county offers an industrial park in both Dayton and Spring City.  Sites are available for factory and industry - both with existing structures and for new construction.  Major industries in Rhea County include:

  • La Z Boy
  • Suburban Manufacturing
  • Tencate
  • Fuji Hunt
  • Goodman Manufacturing
  • Kenro
  • IAC
  • TVA
  • General Shale
  • Huber Manufacturing
  • Others

This base of manufacturing allows for a diverse retail and service sector in Rhea County.  Jobs at all levels are available at competitive rates.

The recent real estate downturn accross the country didn't effect Rhea County, with Real Estate prices in Rhea increasing at an annual rate of 4.6% in 2008.

TVA is in the process of starting Watts Bar unit 2.  This nuclear reactor project is responsible for thousands of high paying engineer jobs at the North side of the county. Volkswagon has recently started building a factory in Chattanooga's enterprise south, a source of 2400 jobs by itself.  This combination of job creation to the North (in Rhea County) and to the South (in Chattanooga) makes Rhea an ideal place for spin-0ff businesses and the development of bedroom communities.


Rhea county benefits from being intersected by US Highway 27 (a major trucking route) and Rail and River access.  Goods can be deliverd and shipped via truck, rail, or river.


Rhea county has many sources of high speed Internet.  Fiber optics run throughout the county and DSL and Cable Internet access are both widely available.  Rhea County is home to one of the oldest ISPs in the state, VOLstate Internet.  VOLstate is on the cutting edge, offering VoIP, Hosted PBX, as well as traditional Internet connections up to 100mbps via fiber.

Real Estate

Residential real estate is available in all price ranges.  A typical 3 bedroom 2 bath home sells for about $125,000 here, with a wide variety of quality and value oriented subdivisions.  On the luxury side of living, Rarity Communities has started developing "Rarity Rivers", a community of >$500,000 homes just East of the Rhea County border along the Tennessee and Hiawassee Rivers.


The public school system is benefiting from a dedicated 1/2 cent sales tax for school buildings, sparking a revitalization program of Rhea County Schools.  Rhea County also has 2 private schools, Calvary Baptist School and Rhea County Academy.  In addition, there is a thriving "home school" community here and parents network with each other to provide education and socialization opportunities.

The county benefits from 2 colleges, Chattanooga State has a sattelite campus here and the county is also home to Bryan College, a Christian liberal arts college.


Funding for most county and city government operations in Rhea County is generated through the property and sales tax. Cities levy a separate property tax and collect returns on sales taxes generated by business within their corporate limits.

Tax on residential and farm property is assessed at 25 percent of the current appraised value, while commercial and industrial property is assessed at 40 percent of its current appraised value. Utility property is assessed at 55 percent of its current appraised value. Personal property, which includes industrial operating equipment, is assessed at 30 percent of its value. More information on the local tax rate can be obtained from the Rhea County Trustee’s office, which can be reached at 423-775-7810.

The sales tax in Rhea County is 9.75 percent with 7 percent being the state’s share and 2.75 percent returned to local governments.

The State of Tennessee does not have a personal income tax, but there is a 6.5% corporate income tax known as the Excise Tax. More information on professional and business licensing is available from each of the city halls and the Rhea County Clerk’s office, which can be reached at 423-775-7808.


Total Population:   30,328

Households:  11,718

Average Household Income: $41,318

Unemployment Rate:  8.7%


Detailed information is available at www.census.gov



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